Pre Construction In Miami: Marketing Tips

The year is far much gone and its past the mid point in 2014, Miami pre construction Marketing estate agents and property experts want what’s the best for you that’s why the look ahead. The housing markets remain one of the most unpredictable sectors in the economy. That’s why it has become one of the most crucial sectors not only in our country’s economic planning but also in the World at Large.

According to, Miami pre construction marketing is one of fastest growing marketing estate agents and property experts and one of the best choices if you are new or want to get in the sector .This is an area that can be really stressful sector if you don’t work with experts That’s why we at Miami Construction Marketing Remains the best choice for new entrants and those who feel dissatisfied even as our motto states `Lets grow together` we really should!

In Miami pre construction marketing we understand the stress Associated with the real estate transactions if a clients feels that they are not straight forward that’s why we work closely with clients transparently in every step of transaction.

Some exceptional benefits of working with Miami pre construction marketing:

They are specialists in the industry- The most important benefit that clients look forward to is hiring a real estate agent who poses bulk expertise in the industry because he or she knows that this is not an area you can do guess work. An expert in this sector knows the accurate value of a property, who it suits best and understands the best way to sell it. Miami pre construction marketing posses the best negotiations team and skills if you are looking to purchase a property too.

Our services have saved Clients hassle, Time and head ache: One good thing with Miami pre construction marketing real estate agent is that they save your time and take away your stress and nightmares away from you. Our Wealth in knowledge and experience in the sector helps us understand the market better thus know the correct time to invest.

We offer customized services to our Clients: IN Miami pre construction marketing one characteristic that makes us stand out from the crowd is our ability to offer customized services to our clients. Those who need a house or property in a certain area, all they to do are just inform us about their choice. Then as Miami pre construction marketing we look for property in that area and will fully matches your needs and expectations.

6 Effective Tips For Real Estate SEO

Today, we decided to do something a little differently. We brought in Ryan Stewart, the owner of Marketic, a local Miami web design and SEO agency to write for us.

We want to spread as much knowledge to you guys as we can, so we decided to go out and consult an expert. Ryan was nice to enough to grace us with an article on how all real estate agents can get started with SEO and ranking on top of Google searches.


If you operate real estate business in Miami you have to employ all marketing strategies to ensure you attain your goals. With the rapid development of internet marketing, you need to have a website to ensure you reach a large audience. With a website you need to apply Miami real estate SEO tips in order to succeed. Here are some of the tips from Miami SEO tips you need to apply.

Carry out research

When developing a real estate site, it is important that you choose the right keywords or keyword phrases. As you do so, make sure you make use of Google keywords. The research will assist you design your keywords to your target audience and increase your chances of succeeding in marketing the keywords.

Utilize titles effectively

After you have your keywords, it is important that you make the use of the keywords effectively. When developing titles, make sure that you use the keywords in the titles. This will ensure that search engines are likely to pick your keywords and help your site above other Miami real estate websites. By ranking above others, customers will get your easily leading to growth of your real estate business.

Utilize Google+

A large part of SEO is getting in tight with Google, that means making sure that your Google+ page is properly optimized. Look at how we have ours set up. We want to be listed for Miami SEO so we built our page with those specific keywords.

Use internal links

This is a SEO tip that is overlooked by many Miami real estate investors, but is crucial for search engine optimization. When you develop web pages related to other content on your site, make sure you include internal link back to your Miami real estate website page.

Increase content

If you want your real estate website to rank high for long, ensure you provide relevant content. You should keep your website updated with fresh content to ensure visitors will search and spend a lot of time reading the real estate information you provide. This will ensure that your site rank high and go viral on the internet.

Make use of Images

In real estate SEO initiatives, you need to make use of images properly. Include description of the properties and URL that has one of your targeted keywords or phrases. This simple effort will be rewarded greatly by search engines by ranking your site higher than your competitors.

Include virtual tours

Another great Miami real estate SEO tip is to ensure you utilize pictures and videos. The pictures and videos are more important for real estate efforts. Make sure you include virtual tours of the properties you have for sale in order boost your ranking and attract prospects to your site.


Video Blog: Miami Luxury Home

It’s no secret, Miami’s real estate scene is OUT OF CONTROL.

Condos are popping up all over the horizon, up and down 95 and the Palmetto.

But is it a good time to buy? We found an awesome video from a fellow Miami real estate agent who gives an in depth tour of a local Miami home.

We applaud him for his effort and going out there and putting together great content for us to share with you guys.

Unfortunately, we don’t have his information or email address to share with you. However, be on the look out for posts in the future that share contact info for local Miami real estate professionals.

Here at Metz, we don;t believe in hindering your ability to buy real estate.

If we can’t provide you the top notch service that you deserve, then we will connect you with someone that can. That’s our motto and we’re sticking to it!

Anyways, without much further ado, here is the video we promised:

So, what do you guys think?

We’re still new to this whole blogging thing, so please (if you are reading this, that is) leave your feedback in the comments section.

What do you guys want to read about?

First Post, First Post!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

We are a team of Miami based real estate professionals with a serious passion for real estate!

Between our team of 5 awesome agents we have over 100 years of real estate experience! We decided that we could no longer deprive the world of that tremendous knowledge, so we bought a new domain and started a blog!

Sorry for all the “!”, can you tell I’m a little excited?!?!

Even cooler than that, we decided we would feature a ton of video blog posts because according to Google, content is king right?

Every week we are planning on creating or publishing new videos from across the web and adding our commentary to them for your enjoyment.

In addition, we will be writing a lot about real estate marketing, in particular digital and online marketing. We have made a ton of sales using SEO and PPC ads, so we want to share that with you all.

Well, enjoy!